How to Keep Ticks Off Your Lawn

Ask anyone in Anchorage and they will tell you the same – owning a home can come with a lot of frustration in the summer months. While it is a beautiful time to go outside and have fun, it can also be a source of annoyance when you have to take care of your home and everyone inside it.

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One of the key issues that you will see in the area involves pests. Whether it is mosquitoes, ticks or other pests, you are going to have a serious problem getting rid of these critters. It is ticks that you will worry about the most, as they carry diseases and can create a serious infestation if they are let into the home unchecked.

There are three ways ticks are going to get inside your house. They are either going to get onto your body or clothes, or they are going to get onto your pets, or they are going to come through your lawn. If you have a dog, you will want to make sure you are checking it for ticks anytime the dog spends a long time outside.

When it comes to your clothes, you will have to do the same when you are outdoors all day. Using tick repellent helps as well. But if the worst has happened and ticks are already in your home, then a tick extermination company anchorage is the one to call.

As for ticks getting inside your home through the lawn, it is a real concern too. You will want to keep them out. What you can do is cut your grass so that it is short, as ticks like long grass blades. Many experts also say that creating a layer of mulch and leaves as a boundary around your lawn will help too. It makes the ticks less likely to venture beyond that point.