Turning Your Work into Physical Art

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Technology has opened up the world for artists and others to use a computer to express their ideas and to make them a physical reality.  With the power of digital printing johnson city, we now have the ability to take whatever is in our heads and make them tangible.

When we print something, we take ink and place it on paper in such a way that it is permanent.   This process is not the only thing that we can do however.  With digital printing, we can print on a wide range of items such as shirts, mugs, signs, and more.  For more tech-savvy persons, 3D printing is starting to become more accessible as well.

Release your Creativity

As an artist you want to be able to release your creativity.  Start with an initial sketch in light pencil and make sure that you get your proportions correct.  From there, continue with inking your work.  In the inking process, you will create your final lines in dark ink.  This ink will define everything for your next process.

Choosing Colors

When you are done with inking it is time to add your colors.  This is where you can create your final look.  When adding color, don’t be heavy handed.  You want to use color to accent your work and to make it pop from the page.  Color is also great to play with.  Shading, feathering and other techniques can be used to finalize your work.

Printing Your Work

Once your work is done you can print it on paper or transfer it to another medium.  When printing your work, you are able to share it with many people who can wear your art, hang it on the wall or enjoy it in other ways.  Using your creativity and technology has the ability to open up countless opportunities.